Here you'll learn what sports are doing thier part
  to help the envrionment wether its scoring a
  touch down or recycling.

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Sports Leagues Going Green

MLB Goes Green

The Red Sox

have a new five-year initiative to help Boston's beloved Fenway Park go green. With plans on the drawing board for solar panels, a new recycling program, and locally grown produce at the concession stand, the Sox are heating it up. Host Steve Curwood visits Fenway Park to see whether Boston's competitive edge on the field can hold its own in the environmental world.


NHL Goes Green
NHL has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with The GreenLife Organization, LLC (GreenLife). Launched in 2007, GreenLife develops comprehensive global solutions that help businesses, institutions and individuals "go green" by increasing operational energy efficiency, purchasing power from renewable sources, and offsetting emissions. GreenLife, as a League partner, will help the NHL and its member Clubs develop and document its green initiatives in a "Green Plan" while concurrently assessing current operations, identifying and implementing best practices, and recommending specific steps to reduce the League's carbon footprint and improve its overall environmental impact.


NBA Goes Green

Real NBA: Channing Frye from the Portaland Trail Blazers Goes Green.

Channing and Team Frye want to encourage smart green practices. It doesn't have to take a lot of effort to make big differences.

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Winter Sports Go Green

Perisher Blue Village 8 Express Chair Goes Green

Perisher Blue has recently concluded negotiations with Origin Energy for the Village 8 Express chairlift to be powered by 100% renewable ‘green’ energy for the upcoming 2007 winter season.

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NFL Goes Green
The Eagles have quietly become the most environmentally friendly team in the National Football League, and perhaps in all of major league sports. The Philadelphia Eagles in their signature green uniforms. The team has mounted a 'Go Green' campaign to protect the environment.(Reuters)When the lights come on for an Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field, 30 percent of the power comes from so-called clean sources, such as wind power and methane reclaimed from landfills. Visit the Eagles website to learn more...

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Nascar Goes Green

John Force, one of the most successful
racers in the history of drag racing, has
taken his team green with PPG
Envirobase® High Performance paint.

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Green Racing

The winners were selected based on a formula that factored in energy efficiency, petroleum displacement and greenhouse-gas emissions as well as speed during the 1,000-mile race.

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Golf Goes Green

Justin Timberlake has been an advocate
of eco-golf at his course in Tennessee.

The trend for environmentally friendly golf is rocketing with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake taking up the cause in unveiling one of the world's top eco-golf courses earlier this year. His club, the Mirimichi Golf Course in Tennessee is the first in the country to be designated as a certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary, re-using 80 percent of the energy it produces.

The recyclable golf ball

Every club player will be familiar with the age-old problem of losing golf balls -- but what happens to the collection of wayward balls once the search is over? It is estimated 300 million golf balls are discarded in the United States alone, every year -- that is enough balls to create a solid line from Los Angeles to London and back. Dixon Golf are encouraging golfers to recycle their lost and found by offering a dollar for each ball that is returned to their recycling centers throughout the US and in over 15 countries worldwide.

The solar-powered cart

Ever felt like your golf cart could do with that extra bit of oomph? Well, SolarDrive sun-powered, solar-paneled golf cart could be the answer. By recharging itself throughout the day, the cart can work in drizzly and damp conditions -- which could be good news for golf lovers in rain-soaked Britain and sun-baked Abu Dhabi alike. The design has proved so popular that golf clubs such as the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course in Hong Kong and Sebonack Golf Club in the United States have recently converted entire fleets to use the power of the sun.

The biodegradable tee

A littered tee box may be a thing of the past with the biodegradable golf tee. Manufacturers XT-1 believe they are saving over 100, 000 trees with their nifty corn based tee. Unlike wooden tees which take up to two years to degrade, XT-1s take just two to three months by way of an interesting eco-system. Once the tee comes in contact with the soil, the corn-based product is attacked by incredibly small microbes (or micro-bugs) that eat away at the tee to corrode the core. A slightly unusual method perhaps but an effective one, as sales in the last few years have soared.

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